Test Automation

We can help you develop test automation that transforms your testing strategy.

As your software projects become more complex and your test cases grow, automated testing can play an important role in your testing strategy. Our PQA automation testing approach will identify the best tools for your project, commercial or open-source, and then execute a test case suite to deliver a reliable and repeatable process every time.

Why choose automation testing?

  1. Reducing Cost with PQA Test Automation

    Reduce costs

    Once your initial setup is complete, automated testing will help save you time and money as you’re able to test more in less time.

  2. Substituting your Limited Resources with PQA Test Automation Experts

    Limited resources

    If your testing team is small, automated testing can help you do more with less, giving you better test coverage and the ability to run more tests per build.

  3. Solving Complex Challenges with PQA Test Automation

    Complex testing

    Automated testing can decrease the likelihood of human error, and allow you to write real-time, remote, parallel tests.

Our PQA Approach to Test Automation

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Set automation objectives

Magnifying Glass on Paper Representing Test Automation Process

Evaluate and select tools

Light Bulb Representing Test Automation Process

Create a plan and design solution

Graph on a Tablet Representing Test Automation Process

Implement automation incrementally

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Use, maintain and enhance

Our PQA Approach to Test Automation

1. Set automation objectives

In order to figure out where automated testing would be most effective for you, we will identify which tests from your overall test plan would most benefit from automation. Determining which of the following you are looking to achieve will help us ensure that the benefits of test automation match with your objectives.

  • Discover defects earlier
  • Increase test availability
  • Extend test capability and coverage
  • Better allocate manual test efforts

2. Evaluate and select tools

Based on your objectives, we will help you select the right tool for your automation project. Our certified teams are experts in various tools from open source frameworks to enterprise end-to-end solutions like UFT, Ranorex and Tricentis TOSCA. This step often involves a proof of concept to assess tool suitability and automation feasibility across the technical landscape in your organization.

3. Create a strategic plan and design solution

In order to maximize the value of test automation, we evaluate testing programs holistically to ensure that the solution will achieve the desired objectives. At this stage, we are creating a strategically planned scope of automated test suites and are designing the solution to be:

  • Robust and reusable using data-driven techniques
  • Portable to different platforms and environments
  • Quick to execute
  • Maintainable

4. Implement automation incrementally

With software development projects now focused more and more on continuous integration/deployment (CI/CD) and DevOps, inefficient test automation development will simply not work. At this stage, the testing solution is incrementally being built and integrated into the CI/CD pipeline or the existing test execution process according to the plan.

5. Use, maintain and enhance

After your automated tests are executed, results will be analyzed to evaluate validity. At this stage, the solution will be undergoing routine maintenance and will be constantly re-evaluated to ensure it is meeting your objectives. Periodic reviews of the solution will be required to ensure the solution is continuously improved for efficiency as it grows and evolves with the organization.

Benefits of our PQA automation testing

  1. Automation Experts

    You’ll benefit from our team of automation experts who have developed automation testing strategies for clients across the country and around the world.

  2. Hands-On Experience

    Automation testing requires both a solid test plan and hands-on experience. When you work with PQA, you get a team that gives you both.

  3. Flexible Team

    Finding the right automation path for you can take some trial and error. Our team will work with you to make sure it provides the results you need.

Some of the tools we use

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