Performance Testing

Can it hold its own?

You can build a great product, but if it can’t handle life in the real world, it isn’t likely to be successful. Our PQA performance testing will design and execute custom test scenarios that measure the performance of your software under both normal and high volume conditions to determine baselines, failure points and bottlenecks.

Our performance testing team has extensive experience in creating the right mix of virtual users and conditions to test your website, application, or system, giving you the information you need on how it will perform during high traffic times.

In order to get things working well from the get-go, we prefer to begin performance testing long before integrations occur. This allows us to identify issues quickly and give immediate feedback to developers who can fix the bugs before they cause any problems. But as in life, things don’t always go as planned. We are also happy to come in last minute and help your team figure out what needs to be fixed for launch.

The 4 phases of PQA Performance Testing

Book and Pencil Representing Strategy and Planning

Strategy and planning

Understand the key performance risks of the system and assist with the definition of performance requirements.

Website Icon Representing Software Development


Create performance testing scripts that are effective and will answer the pertinent questions about the performance of your system.

Paper being Fed into Machine Representing Test Execution


Run the performance tests identified as most relevant to your system, which could include load, stress, volume and soak testing.

Website Screen and Pie Graph

Results Analysis

Create a monitoring plan for the performance testing exercise that will focus on collecting metrics that will support the ongoing maintenance efforts of your performance testing.

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