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ERP Testing

Your ERP system is at the heart of your business. We help make it work harder for you.

While an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system may function like any other software application, testing them is a unique challenge. ERPs are at the heart of your business, which means that misconfigurations or poor implementation can have a lasting impact. SAP, Oracle, Microsoft Dynamics, and other ERP systems are designed to make your business more effective and more profitable, but it’s important to remember that none of them come ready to go out of the box. Each requires significant customization, configuration and integrations to make it work for you.

The testing of an ERP upgrade or installation shares the fundamentals of all software testing, but requires a shift in thinking. The focus must be on whether the business function works properly for all stakeholders in all the areas of your business: financials, supply chain, operations, human resources, etc.

The good news is that PQA has always focused on testing from the end user’s perspective and nowhere is this more important than ERP testing.

Common Challenges of ERP Testing

  1. Person with Clock representing Time as a Challenge of ERP Testing


    The time to implement or upgrade an ERP is significant and with each fix or change, the timeline stretches which will impact your business operations.

  2. Hands with Two Figures Emerging representing Resources as a Challenge of ERP Testing


    Most organizations don’t hire for short-term peaks in demand, causing your business experts to split time between the business and your ERP implementation. This often leads to shortcuts being taken and a lack of attention to all the necessary details.

  3. Person representing Expertise as a Challenge of ERP Testing


    Oftentimes, the experts brought in to validate business function know little about testing fundamentals, which can lead to gaps in testing that are only found when the solution is rolled out across the company.

What Sets our PQA ERP Testing Apart


While we may not know the ins and outs of your business, we know testing.  We understand complex systems and take pride in learning your business in detail. Our ERP experts will be with you from day one to help figure out how best to mitigate risks through the appropriate testing strategies. We’ll work with you to understand the unique needs of your ERP, and then test and validate that it is providing exactly what you need.


ERP vendors are continuously adding and modifying functionality, which is great for your business but can be tough on your testing. You likely don’t have the time, resources, or money required to continuously test the entire ERP on each patch that is released – that’s where automation comes in.

Implementing a suite of automated tests allows you to continuously validate that the core functions required to successfully run your business still work.  Test automation can be expensive so it is important to plan and build the test suites properly for today and the future.  There are no shortcuts with automation, but our PQA team will work with accelerators to adapt the tests to your business, significantly reducing the time required for successful test automation.


The ERP may be at the heart of your business, but it’s pretty unlikely that it is your only software application. The integration of your existing systems to your new or upgraded ERP is an important part of making your whole technology suite work together.

Our PQA team understands this and has a group of testers that are well versed at testing against data sources using both manual and automated techniques.

Benefits of our PQA ERP Upgrade Testing

  1. For your users

    Save them time, improve usability, and encourage ERP adoption

  2. For your developers

    Free up development resources to work on business critical configurations

  3. For your partners

    Third party validation implementation often done by SAP, Deloitte etc

Our PQA team has experience testing the leading ERP systems

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