Exploratory Testing on Agile Projects

Exploratory testing provides both flexibility and speed, characteristics that have become increasingly important with the quick pace of short agile iterations. But, how do you retain traceability without losing your creativity? The answer is xBTM – a combination of session-based test management (SBTM) and thread-based test management (TBTM).

On January 15th, 2013, Christin Wiedemann presented “Exploratory Testing on Agile Projects – Effective, Efficient and Engaging” to the Calgary SQDG User Group.

In SBTM, exploratory testing is structured and documented in sessions. However, at times the work environment is too hectic or chaotic and requires the flexibility and freedom that is provided by TBTM. xBTM unites the two exploratory techniques to get the full advantage of both, focusing on increased test efficiency and creation only of artifacts that actually add value. In this talk, Christin discussed the difference between SBTM and TBTM and demonstrated how the two methods can be combined for best efficiency. Using a mock example, participants were walked through an xBTM workflow on an agile project, covering all steps from test planning to test reporting. The focus was on practical examples and providing a range of flexible tools that can be immediately applied on almost any project.

View the full presentation here

A Ph.D. particle physicist by training, Dr. Christin Wiedemann uses her scientific background and analytical skills to dissect complex problems involving large computer software systems. As the President of Radical I/O, a technology consultancy and lab, Christin applies her creativity and innovativeness to act as a catalyst, facilitating organizational growth and performance. She is passionate about initiatives that aim to move the technology sector forwards.

Christin is an outspoken advocate for women in STEM, a passion she pursues through work and volunteering. She served on the Board of Directors for SCWIST, the Society for Canadian Women in Science and Technology, for three years, and in 2017 she took on the role of Co-Chair of the BC Chapter of WCT, Women in Communications and Technology.

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/christinwiedemann/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/c_wiedemann