Word From Our CEO

What has changed at PQA since our inception in 1997? We have certainly grown in size and experience since then, however, our values have remained the same; working with our many clients to ensure that we provide high quality and efficient software testing services is still our main focus.

This is an exciting time for PQA. We have expanded from having one office in Fredericton, to having three offices in Atlantic Canada, one in Alberta and one in British Columbia. We are hiring new people to join our talented team, which will allow us to offer more services to our current and prospective clients. We are investing in new research to find better and smarter ways to test software, analyze results and provide information. We are dedicated to being a thought leader in our industry. We are increasing our social media presence to establish a better relationship with our community and clients, as well as to network and develop key relationships with IT professionals around the globe. We are broadening our recruitment methods to reach a larger audience of prospective employees with all types of educational and technical backgrounds, from many different areas of the world.

Our hard work is paying off as we have developed a very positive company reputation in the business and software QA world. We are being recognized as an industry leader, not just by our clients, but also by organizations such as Bell Aliant, Branham Group, Canadian Business Journal and Progress Media. PQA continues to succeed because PQA provides an unbiased service that will add value to any business. We will continue to work hard to live up to our company standards and move forward to have a prosperous and positive year.

Keith McIntosh
CEO and Founder of PQA