A Word From Our CEO

Season’s greetings to all!

2017 was a tremendous year for all of us here at PQA and PLATO Testing.  Somehow the company that I started to help corporations understand how to properly leverage software, which was supposed to make testing more effective and efficient, has achieved its 20th anniversary this year.  It’s been a long road, with each year providing its own unique challenges and rewards.  As technologies have grown and evolved, and testing technology and theory matched this growth in lockstep, so too has PQA.

This year also marks the 2nd year of PLATO Testing, whose growth and accomplishments we could not be more proud of.  We have graduated more than 60 students in four different PLATO education centers in the last two years.  We have watched people, who thought testing was something that should be avoided, blossom into fully fledged software testers at the end of our training course.  Learning new applications, understanding new verticals, communicating with all manner of clients and, most importantly, finding their own way in software testing.  We’ve changed so many lives, offering careers to people who have previously not found this to be a realistic option for themselves.   This year, we expanded our education centers to include Fredericton, Miramichi, Vancouver and Edmonton.

Adjusting our path and velocity to include the PLATO initiative in its core has been a definite challenge but in every step of the way, we have found something more rewarding.  The journey is really only just beginning but it feels like we have already come so far.   With 2018 around the corner, we expect to expand our offering in new ways and new paths while continuing to be, at our heart, still the testing company that I started 20 years ago.  A company where the quality needs of the client are always foremost in our goals. 

From my PQA and PLATO family to yours, please have the best of holiday seasons and good luck in 2018.

Keith McIntosh
Founder and Co-CEO of PQA Testing Ltd.
Founder of PLATO Testing