PQA’s Social Agenda

By PQATesting

December 31, 2006

Besides being a leader in the quality assurance industry, Professional Quality Assurance Ltd. (PQA) is also a leader when it comes to giving back to the community. Part of PQA’s corporate agenda is dedicated to social responsibility. From volunteering employee time and company services, to corporate fundraising, sponsoring and donations, PQA is committed to making the world a better place for its employees and customers, starting with their local community.

PQA President Keith McIntosh has always dreamed of having a company that is about more than just the bottom line. He insists corporate policy include social awareness and encourages ideas from within to promote community involvement, corporate philanthropy and environmental consciousness. “At PQA, our priorities lie within the community, the environment, our employees, and our clients. We are very active and successful in raising monetary donations for several non-profit organizations,” said McIntosh.

In 2006, PQA donated a total of $4930 to local charities: $2000 went towards gifts for four Christmas families, $2000 to the CBC Feed a Family Campaign, and $930-worth of donations to different charities throughout the year. With the success of 2006, PQA employees are looking forward to an even bigger vision for 2007. Sarah Savoy, Director for both Content Quality Assurance and PQA Social Responsibility Agenda, lists a number of goals already established for this fiscal year:

  • Volunteering content quality assurance, software testing and quality assurance consulting to non-profit organizations
    • Recycling
    • Promoting green products
    • Providing a copy of Al Gore’s “An Inconvenient Truth” for loan to employees
    • Encouraging the consumption of tap water as a safe alternative to bottled water
    • Sponsoring youth in sports
    • Participating in the University of New Brunswick’s Computer Science Co-op program
    • Donating 100% of internal fundraising to a different local charity each month
    • Fundraising for PQA’s annual Christmas Family contribution

PQA also internally sponsors and encourages employees as they strive to obtain personal goals—the idea being that the best way to corporately contribute to social wellness is by starting with your own employees. PQA endorses wellness through a “Biggest Loser” challenge, sponsoring two softball teams and an adventure racing team, providing healthy snack alternatives in the vending machines, and by corporate reimbursement for expenses for personal fitness. PQA also promotes multiculturalism by inviting employees to contribute articles to the employee newsletter highlighting cultural celebrations and observances.

In addition, the PQA employee newsletter, The Queen Square Circle, is committed to including one article per publication on the subject of the environment and what can be done to “reduce, reuse, and recycle”. It also provides an ongoing tally of donations made to local charities and a status report on the progress of goals set for the PQA Social Responsibility Agenda.

PQA is leading by example. Employees feel like they are part of a team working to promote the awareness and effort necessary to ensure the bigger picture of corporate responsibility. We believe we are making a difference—every bit helps.

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