PQA Offers Free Professional Services to Nonprofit Organizations

By PQATesting

February 21, 2007

Professional Quality Assurance Ltd. (PQA), a Fredericton-based quality assurance and testing firm has been providing outsourced solutions for quality assurance and software testing for nearly a decade. As part of their ongoing commitment to social consciousness, PQA has recently introduced an initiative to offer their professional services free-of-charge to nonprofit organizations in the community.

PQA prides itself on having corporate priorities that encompass social awareness and contribution. Understanding the shoe string budget on which most nonprofit organizations operate — how fundraising and public donation make up the majority of that budget — PQA would like to help by offering their professional quality assurance expertise.

PQA’s highly skilled team of analysts can help nonprofit organizations in a number of ways. They will review promotional materials, newsletters, on-line courses, reports and virtually any content communication medium whether it is in hard copy format or online. All material reviewed is kept confidential and secure.

Functionality testing is another way PQA can help. Proper functionality is imperative for any concept that requires user interaction such as web sites and online courses. By accessing all features or paths in your product, PQA can assure that it performs as expected. A good example of a product that benefits from functionality testing is a web site. Once a web site is developed, having a reliable independent resource like PQA validate all components work as they were intended is crucial to optimize the potential of the product. Imagine an article running in your local newspaper to generate interest in your organization but your web site not being able to handle the number of people who visit it, therefore resulting in lost donations. PQA can help you avoid this exact scenario.

PQA will donate up to 40 hours of professional services to nonprofit organizations within the community. The motivated team of quality analysts is thrilled at the prospect of contributing their skills for the purpose of helping those in the community who need it most. Sarah Savoy, Director of Content Quality Assurance and Social Responsibility says, “Quality assurance is an important part of what makes any organization succeed. Every business should benefit from the results of top quality services whether they are offering a high end product or an essential service such as the majority of these vital nonprofit organizations”.

If you would like to know more about this opportunity, please contact PQA by email at info@pqa.ca or by phone, (506) 455-7725.

For a list of nonprofit organizations in your area, please visit the Charity Village website:

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