Keith McIntosh

“If you spend your life regretting what you haven’t done, you won’t spend your time enjoying what you’re doing.”
– Keith McIntosh
CEO. President

Keith is the founder of PQA. He continues today, in his dual role as CEO and President, to envision the company’s future and to move it forward. Keith is responsible for the vision of PQA by tying together all the pieces and by trying to figure out what`s missing and where the company is headed next. Keith enjoys that through testing he can change the world. He`s dedicated to elevating the importance of testing and creating needed and valued jobs.

Because of PQA, Keith has been able to support and mentor testing groups, such as SQDG, yvrTesting, nbQ, Launch36, 21inc, Wallace McCain Institute and Pond Deshpande Centre. Keith has also been able to promote testing as a founding board member of the New Brunswick Information Technology Council.

We Asked Keith

Why did you start PQA?

PQA was started in 1997 because I had an opportunity to help a company, who had just bought software testing automation tools, learn how to use those tools. I created the company, hired five people on the first day, and it’s grown from there.

PQA was founded on the principles of doing testing right and helping clients leverage what they have, and we continue with those principles (and more) today.

How is PQA different from other testing companies?

At PQA, our number one priority is about doing testing well. We’re not in this business simply for the bottom line. Since the company started, it’s always been about how to help the client, and that’s still the leadership’s priority. We believe that because everyone is focused on thinking about testing and doing testing well, the client will end up with superior value. And, the company will attract and retain passionate testers. Another difference about PQA is that we believe we have a  social responsibility to support and promote new testing ideas. Our world will run smoother if our products work better, and testers are the key to make that happen.

Outside PQA, we support the testing community through our involvement in conferences, discussion groups, and external mentoring.

Within PQA, we encourage learning, growing, and curiosity. We seek to inspire new testing evangelists, who will go out into the world and do things better.

Name one of PQA`s biggest successes?

PQA has enjoyed many successes over the years and has grown substantially since the first day. I’m very proud of all we’ve accomplished and the clients we work with. 

If I were to choose one decision that I believe was a turning point for PQA, I’d say it was the decision to expand beyond New Brunswick and open offices in other parts of Canada.

Growing the company in Calgary and Vancouver has given PQA the exposure needed to continue our growth. We’ve met new clients and been able to expand our business in new areas. We are establishing ourselves as a national company. Most importantly, by expanding beyond New Brunswick, we’ve exposed ourselves to new testing ideas and people. This influx of new ideas and collaboration is helping PQA push forward into a new and exciting future.

Who is your favourite role model, and why?

One person I admire for his vision and fortitude is Frank McKenna, former premier of New Brunswick. Frank was a visionary. He knew what New Brunswick could accomplish and he set out to make New Brunswick, and the world, believe it.

His goals were about raising the self-confidence of everyone living in New Brunswick to believe in themselves and their province, and to attract business to invest in the province and create new jobs.

In the end, Frank McKenna turned New Brunswick into the little province that could. He made a change in the world. That’s something I admire and try to emulate.