Joyce MacEacheron

“The only person you are destined to become is the person you decide to be.”
–Ralph Waldo Emerson
Director, Special Projects

Joyce is responsible for directing a wide variety of tasks that support the ongoing success and growth of the company. If something needs to be done, whether it’s helping with recruiting, reporting, or the office environment, Joyce is there to do it.

Joyce enjoys that every day at work is different. PQA is a dynamic, growing company, and she is proud to be part of it. 

In her spare time, when not trying to keep up with her busy family, Joyce enjoys reading, travelling, gardening, and volunteering her time to help youth.

We Asked Joyce

What Does PQA Test?

PQA is focused on changing the world by helping people realize the value of smarter testing and the art of being a tester. 

We take pride in being test experts by using a holistic approach to testing requirements, designs, applications, and content. 

While you may know we test software, the following are some of the other ways we bring testing and quality to a project. 

We Help Clients Improve Processes and Procedures
As industry leaders, we consult with our clients to help them develop processes and procedures that balance their business, technical, and resourcing requirements, and that account for project constraints. As well, we offer clients in-depth training on a diverse set of testing topics to help build their internal team’s skills. 

We Build Advanced Test Solutions 
With our advanced solutions team, we use our senior test architects to help build testing solutions that are far more elaborate than a set of test scripts. Clients often request these solutions for testing in areas such as security, performance, and automation. 

We Do Content Testing 
Some clients engage us for content testing, which involves testing documents, media, websites and more. Some of our tasks include:

We Manage Our Test Projects 
Our people understand what’s important to stakeholders and how to help mentor teams. As such, our leaders and managers:

What are the top three reasons people decide to work for PQA?

1. They are passionate about quality and sharing their knowledge.
2. They are seeking an environment where they will have opportunities to grow professionally.
3. They want to work for a company that understands there is more to life than just work.

What’s the best way to keep a healthy work-life balance?

The best way to achieve a healthy work-life balance is to make sure that you regularly schedule quality time with the people who mean the most to you – preferably doing an activity that you love to do together.

What’s your favourite weekend activity?

My favourite weekend activity is to spend time with friends and family, sharing a great meal that my husband and I prepare together, with produce from our local Farmer’s Market.