Christin Wiedemann

“The ultimate court of appeal is observation and experiment… not authority.”
– Thomas Huxley
Executive VP of Service Delivery

In her role as Executive VP of Service Delivery, Christin is involved in overseeing the company’s delivery and ensuring the staff, management and clients are happy. Christin is interested in making everyone around her a success, which makes her a strong leader and visionary for PQA. 

She mentors new and senior testers to help them realize their potential, and she shares her knowledge worldwide as a prominent conference speaker. 

As Chief Scientist, Christin seeks to solve problems both small and large. Her work pushes the company toward continued growth and progress. Christin is excited to help PQA grow and discover all the amazing things the company can achieve. 

Christin’s favourite part of her job is watching people grow and develop. She enjoys seeing someone step outside their comfort zone and achieve something they didn’t think they could do. 

In her spare time, Christin enjoys being outdoors, skiing, hiking, biking, and running. She also juggles.

We Asked Christin

What do you see as future trends in testing or QA?

I believe that the status of testing will increase. There will be new university programs focused on testing, and testing will become a bigger part of existing computer science programs. As a result, the profession of testing will attract more people, and the general level of skill and education amongst testers will increase. 

I also think we will talk less and less about Waterfall vs. Agile, Scripted vs. Exploratory, and Manual vs. Automated testing. Instead, we will talk more about Smart Testing, which is to use an approach that is a blend of all of the above, and (hopefully) stop contrasting one thing against another.

What is the best way for someone to succeed in a testing career?

Like with any career, I think the core things are:

To be successful as a tester, two especially important things are:

What is your definition of success for PQA?

Success is about the difference you make in other people’s lives. 

When our clients speak highly of us and recommend us to others, that’s success. 

When we create a thriving company with fun and interesting work, where people are lined up to come to work, that’s success. 

When the people I train and teach tell me that I’ve made them see things differently, that talking to me made them look at testing in a different light, to value it more and to enjoy it more, that’s the ultimate success.

Who is your favourite role model, and why?

Few people have had such an impact on my life and career as Per Olof Hulth, who was my P.I. and Ph.D. supervisor at Stockholm University. 

Per Olof wasn’t a manager or a supervisor - he was a leader. His enthusiasm and curiosity was inspirational and contagious; you couldn’t possibly listen to him talk about astro-particle physics and not want to go explore the universe. He was also one of the kindest, gentlest, and most generous people I have ever worked with. 

Throughout my years at Stockholm University Per Olof helped, encouraged and supported me. He believed in me, and gave me opportunities that I would otherwise never have gotten. 

He is my role model, and every day I try to be as fair, strong, inclusive, and compassionate as he always was. He taught me so much about the world, physics, leadership – and myself. I will miss him. Per Olof passed away in 2015, at the age of 72.