Responsive Testing

We believe delivering testing that quickly adapts to your unique context. Responsive testing can be an organization’s competitive advantage, enabling faster time to market, increasing productivity and improving the user experience. Our methodology relies on five steps:

1. Assess

What does quality mean to you? Understanding what quality criteria are important to you allows us to focus testing accordingly, making sure testing happens when and where it is needed.

2. Align

How much documentation do you really need? Recognizing how formal your project, environment and industry is allows us to align an appropriate level of documentation to your needs, adapting a lean approach where possible, and providing extensive documentation and traceability for projects in the regulated industry.

3. Advise

What approach fits you best? Once familiar with the level of formality required and what quality criteria matter the most to you, we provide advice on what we believe is the optimal test approach, combining different test techniques, test types and test levels.

4. Accelerate

How can we save you time? For different test approaches we have a set of accelerators we use to increase testing efficiency, making sure you are benefitting from accelerators culled from PQA’s uncountable person years of experience.

5. Apply

How do we put these ideas into practice? Using the defined approach and our accelerators, we will test your software, and analyze and communicate the results in an iterative process.