Consulting & Training

PQA consultants provide independent and objective advice along with services that help our clients to both implement and improve their software quality assurance processes. We stay up-to-date with current industry standards, best practices and current tools, while challenging testing standards to enhance the testing projects to your needs. We can approach this in a consulting role or in a project management role.

Project Start-up & Management

PQA establishes the foundation for successful test projects by getting involved early. We participate in all aspects of project start-up and monitoring by engaging in strategy planning, effort estimation, scheduling, resource gap analysis, risk identification, release planning, environment configuration and definition of process fundamentals emphasizing efficiency and communication visibility.

PQA collates critical information and makes practical recommendations for implementation in the following areas:

Once the project is up and running, PQA continues to provide value through project test management, project health metrics tracking and progress reporting, project artifacts and process compliance auditing and risk identification and mitigation tracking activities. We can ensure that project milestones are met while working with you to see that the project is thoroughly tested to your needs.

PQA enables clients to place a focus on their product's quality, stability and maintainability while ensuring a business-driven balance between risks and cost management.

Test Methodology & Process Improvements

PQA designs and manages ROI-driven implementation plans for process improvements and test methodology roll-outs. We minimize your up-front investment costs while continuously providing improved output.

Software testing is not an isolated event, but a series of activities capable of playing a critical role in identifying problems of varied types throughout the project life-cycle, far in advance of end-user access to the delivered system.

Whether you realize it or not, many areas of your organization have an impact on software quality. PQA consultants will work with you to tailor and focus the scope of your assessment and help you meet specific quality improvement objectives. We compare your existing quality assurance program to industry standards and best practices, identifying areas that can be improved upon or standardized, integrating quality assurance into your software development methodology whether it is Agile, Iterative or Waterfall.

Once PQA identifies areas for improvement, we will plan a series of activities to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of processes and project execution in the context of the existing test team and larger client organizations. These activities are designed around a set of recommendations or steps that the client organization needs to accomplish in order to achieve its stated goals of ROI.

Training & Mentoring Services

An organization’s success is dependent on the continuous development and improvement of its staff. In order to keep up with the latest technology and stay ahead of the competition, you need skilled staff who know the job, are creative and understand business priorities, which means your staff needs quality training.

PQA’s training and mentoring services can introduce new practices or evolve existing ones relevant to your current needs, injecting knowledge and experience that is not available with your in-house team and would be otherwise too time consuming to obtain.