The Top 5 Software Testing Conferences of 2018

By Paula Iriola, Marketing at PQA

January 2, 2018

In August of 2017, our Chief Scientist and Co-CEO, Christin Wiedemann, interviewed Angie Jones, a renowned software testing conference speaker and blogger. They talked about the value of “Working Out Loud”. In other words, the importance of learning by yourself and from the people around you while also sharing your newfound information to give back to the testing community.

One way they suggest that this could be done is by speaking at a conference to share information and experiences about topics that you are an expert in and passionate about. Similarly, attending a conference allows you to learn, share, and teach on a more personal scale as you meet QA and testing professionals from around the world.

So whether you’re thinking about applying to be a speaker, or simply looking for a conference to attend, check-out this list and don’t forget to download our Software Testing Conference Packing List before you go as well!


1. STPCon Spring 2018

When: April 9 to 12
Where: Newport Beach, CA, USA
Twitter: @SoftwareTest Pro, #STPCon

“The Software Test Professionals Conference is the leading event where test leadership, management and strategy converge. The hottest topics in the industry are covered including agile testing, performance testing, test automation, mobile application testing, and test team leadership and management. Attending this conference will help you meet your professional career goals and give you the opportunity to improve your software testing techniques; find the latest tools; discover emerging trends; develop new or improve existing processes; network and gather with other high-level professionals; and gain industry insight you won’t find anywhere else."

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2. Techwell’s STAR Software Testing Conferences

The STAR Software Testing Conferences are three of the testing community’s longest-running conferences. With the STAREAST, STARWEST, and the STARCANADA conferences that take place throughout the year, the Techwell week-long events touch on an array of testing themes and topics. They also have one of the best software testing networks.

“The premier conferences for software testing and quality assurance professionals. Come away from a STAR conference ready to put your knowledge to work immediately. Our comprehensive program includes short sessions, half- and full-day tutorials, multi-day in-depth training, and a Leadership Summit.”

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When: April 29 to May 4
Where: Orlando, FL, USA
Twitter: @TechWell, #STAREAST

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When: September 30 to October 5
Where: Anaheim, CA, USA
Twitter: @TechWell, #STARWEST

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When: October 14 to 19
Where: Toronto, ON, Canada
Hashtag: @TechWell, #STARCANADA

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3. Agile Testing Days USA

When: June 25 to 29
Where: Boston, MA, USA
Twitter: @AgileTDUSA, #AgileTDUSA

“The Agile Testing Days Conference is a festival for the agile community. Network and get deep insights in testing and agile excellence.”

Some of the topics include, State of the Art Testing, DevOps, Test Automation, Leadership in Agile, and IT Project Management. Usually held in Boston, this conference is focused on helping the North, Middle and South American communities of professional testers with an Agile mindset.

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4. CAST 2018

When: August 6 to 9
Where: Cocoa Beach, FL, USA
Twitter: @AST_News, #CAST2018

“The core mission of The Association for Software Testing (AST) and CAST is to help build an active community of software testing scholars, practitioners, and learners who can in turn positively influence and advance the practice of software testing.

CAST is more than a conference, it’s a unique opportunity to learn and discuss not found anywhere else. Each scheduled session is split into two parts. Half of the session is a presentation by a speaker, however the balance of the time is a facilitated ‘open season’. This open season allows attendees to question, discuss, and test the presentation.”

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5. KWSQA Targeting Quality 2018

When: September 24 to 25
Where: Kitchener, ON, Canada
Twitter: @KWSQA, #TQ2018

“We are the Kitchener-Waterloo Software Quality Association. An organization dedicated to the professional development of software testing and quality assurance practices. Peer run, non-profit, we are dedicated to the community of software quality professionals in and near the Waterloo Region.”

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Best European Software Testing Conference: EuroSTAR 2018

When: November 12 to 15
Where: Hague, Netherlands
Twitter: @esconfs, #esconfs

The EuroSTAR is known as Europe’s #1 Software Testing Conference.
“The annual EuroSTAR Software Testing Conference is a high-energy, fun and friendly celebration of the craft of testing in Europe. Held over 4 days, it features over 60 sessions including tutorials, workshops and talks and also includes a software testing exhibition which runs for 2.5 days.
In 2018 we celebrate 25 years of EuroSTAR with the 26th conference.”

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Want to schedule a meeting or learn more about software testing conferences throughout 2018? Contact us. At PQA, we pride ourselves in being Canada’s leading experts in software testing. We’d love to meet you.


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